do you have extra stuff in the corners or want to trade your collection for cash?

you can offer e.g.

  • cds
  • lp and 7'' records
  • cassettes
  • dvds and blu-rays
  • vhs-cassettes
  • laserdiscs

the products must be original and in good condition. in movies and series the lack of Finnish subtitles considerably weakens the value, with the exception of course of products not released in finland.

the calculated offer is based on the resale value of the products. some of the products have value, some have little and some just don't.

the offer is the amount to be paid for the products, and possible delivery costs are not paid on top of it. the products can be brought or shipped.

below are links to post and matkahuolto parcel prices:



do this:

1. take good quality pictures of the sides of the piles. when calculating the offer, the sides are the easiest because they show the name and version. the covers of lps and singles remain to be photographed.

2. send the pictures to the email below, and you will receive an offer in response.


shipping address:

     juoksijantie 3

     21110 naantali