grading and condition guide

the grading is in brackets after the name: (disc/sleeves)

unopened = unopened product in factory plastic

M- = a used product in excellent condition, like new

VG+ = great condition, handled with good care

VG = used product with marks, scratches and/or other wear caused by use.

G = a used product that has been used without care, with a lot of marks and/or other wear caused by use. the product is still fully functional.

  • all grading done under bright light.
  • digital formats (cd, dvd, blu-ray, laserdisc) work flawlessly in all grading scale.
  • analog formats (lp, c-cassette, vhs) work according to their grading.
  • plastic cases have not been graded. the cases may have wear or scratches, for example.
  • all products naturally have a playback guarantee.